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ref•er•ence boss

/`ref(e)rens bôs/

  1. With ReferenceBoss™ you get a full English dictionary with a single click of your mouse. The definitions may not be word-for-word out of Webster’s Dictionary, but nobody is giving away the Oxford English Dictionary Free. ReferenceBoss™ is for people who want to find out how to spell a word, what its meaning is, or how to best use it.
  2. As with any free product, understand that ReferenceBoss™ is designed to provide quick access to the information you are looking for, but it is not necessarily an authoritative tool. You shouldn’t trust your court case to a law dictionary download, nor should your health come down to a medical dictionary online free service.
  3. Consider this more of a “Wikipedia dictionary” in that it is contains a wealth of knowledge, but not every single entry is perfect.
  4. Still ReferenceBoss™ gives you thesaurus, dictionary, reference, weather, and “this day in history” all in one convenient browser extension.

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